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Breakout Tip 1 2

Breakout Tip #2

Breakout Tip #2 We are back with the second instalment of tips to breakout of our rooms. Our rooms are difficult and will not be

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Cards Riddle

Cards Riddle Riddle: Three playing cards in a row. Can you name them with these clues? There   is a two to the right of

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Challenging Puzzles Come to Life

Challenging Puzzles Come to Life Entrap Wichita Escape Room is a real-life escape experience where the concept is simple: you are locked in a room

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Chess Puzzle

Chess Puzzle It is time for this weeks puzzle! Share this with your friends to test their chess playing skills! Puzzle: This is a classic

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Crack the Code

Crack the Code Can you solve the code for the lock?   Clue #1: 682 – One number is correct and well placed Clue #2: 614 – One number

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Date Night Fun!

Date Night Fun! Date Night Idea: The Escape Room Have you ever played one of those logic games where you had to escape from a

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Der Der Der…

Der Der Der… It is time for the riddle of the week! This one is tough….will you be able to guess it correctly? Make sure

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