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Date Night Idea: The Escape Room

Have you ever played one of those logic games where you had to escape from a room, either by solving a puzzle or finding something? Now, take that and put it on a life-size scale. Escape rooms are one of the best date night, friend’s night, or any night out because they are innovative and a lot more fun that just going to the movies or mini-golfing. Keep reading to learn what makes this escape game so fun and the different varieties that are offered in Wichita, Kansas.
What is an Escape Room?
Basically, you are locked in a room. In order to escape, you must work together to solve different clues and puzzles within 60 minutes. We have several different themes to our escape rooms and we will go over those different rooms below!
The genius behind this type of game comes with logic and adrenaline. Even if you are great at puzzles, the added adrenaline factor makes this a great experience for anyone looking to step out of their comfort zone!
Game Varieties
Right now, we have two different rooms available for you and your date to experience!
Missing Musician- Your mentor and one of the world’s premier musicians has gone missing. On the precipice of releasing his masterpiece that would put his name with the great musicians of the past. He’s always been a bit of a strange fellow, to have that kind of talent requires some level of insanity. Over the past few months he’s become paranoid and reclusive and now he’s vanished with the only clue being a letter directing you to his study. You decide to investigate but once in his study the door has shut and locked behind you. Was there foul play involved or has he simply run off to never be heard from again? It’s up to you to find out what happened to him and figure out how to get out of his study.

Off Limits- Your group of friends have been invited to an extravagant party hosted by an eccentric trust fund kid, and have been given the run of the mansion, aside a single room, in which you were told to keep out of. Eventually, having looked about the rest of the premises, you all stumble towards the secret room. The door creaks open and the group steps inside. Moments later, the door shuts and locks! There doesn’t seem to be a way out – but surely there must be something! Mysterious items reveal a dark side to this room’s owner. Escape, before it’s too late!

How to Plan for an Escape Room Date Night

Planning your date night is easy! Visit to book your experience today!
Escape rooms are a creative way to have fun, whether you are going out with your significant other or your friends. They pair logic and critical thinking with adrenaline that you will never experience playing a video game. We hope to see you here at Entrap Wichita soon!

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