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(Up to 8 people)

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LiCastro's Lair

(3 people minimum)
You and your friends have stumbled upon an old castle during a late afternoon hike, and you decide to explore. As you wander deeper into the domain, you come across a dark room with a mysterious inscription on the wall that claims the nocturnal resident will rise at sundown with a thirst for blood…

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(Up to 8 people)

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Off Limits

Your group of friends have been invited to an extravagant party hosted by an eccentric trust fund kid, and have been given the run of the mansion, aside a single room, in which you were told to keep out of. Eventually, having looked about the rest of the premises, you all stumble towards the secret room. The door creaks open and the group steps inside. Moments later, the door shuts and locks!

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(Up to 10 people)

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Guiseppe's Playhouse

This room is currently under construction.

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(Up to 6 people)

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During a severe storm you and your party decide to take cover in what seems to be an old tornado shelter. Upon entering the door slams behind you and locks, the soft hum of a TV is heard and your experience begins.

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Perfect For:


Gamers & Braniacs

The Escape Room is a real life adventure game that provides challenging puzzles for the most die-hard gamers. See if you can beat the current records!


Friends & Family

If you’re looking for a challenging adventure with your friends and family, the Escape Room will more than entertain your friends and even your grandparents.


Companies & Events

Escape Room is a great way to build relationships and put your group in situations where cooperation and leadership matter. Safer than trust fall exercises and more fun.

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Tourists & Travelers

Live Escape Games are some of the hottest new attractions around the globe and Escape Room is a must stop destination while you’re in Wichita.

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