A job interview in an escape room? It could happen.

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The Business Journals–  Would you agree to a job interview process that includes puzzling yourself out of an escape room?

That’s the question The Knowledge Academy posed to companies and job seekers in a survey to find how unorthodox job interview techniques might be used in recruiting.

The company, which specializes in emerging recruitment processes and training, asked 684 American companies whether they’d be willing to use an escape room, play capture the flag, or try a variation of speed dating to assess the best work candidates. It also posed the same questions to job seekers.

The survey found that 70 percent of companies and 66 percent of job seekers would be up for an escape room session to be used as an assessment tool.

70 percent of businesses said they would be interested in using escape rooms to test to see if a potential employee is a good fit for their organization. Here at Entrap Games Wichita, we would love to help your organization out in the recruitment process.

Would your business be interested in partnering with us to help in the hiring process? If so, contact us here. We will be in contact with you shortly to see if we will be able to help you out.


$50 flat fee for every session
$50 fee covers prospective employee and one current employee
$15 for each additional employee (5 people max)
The hiring manager will be permitted to hang out w/ game masters and observe escape room experience, (will be allowed to send clues/messages if they desire) or participate in the escape room with the other players.

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