Best Escape Room Haikus

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This past week, we ran a competition asking for your best escape room haikus! We really appreciate all of the creative and fun haikus you came up with! Below are some of our favourites!


Michelle B.- Escape we must do
Before time runs out on us
Are we fast enough?


Rebekah R.- The timer begins
The adrenaline rushes
How will we escape?


Jeff B.– Our kids drive us nuts
We might not try to escape
Cause the room’s a break


Chloe U.– Escape rooms are cool
Haikus don’t always make sense


Sarah B.- Trying to get out
I hope my partners are smart
Must unlock the door.


Gretchen T.– Knock knock
Who’s there
Hopefully soon you will see


Lena A.– For once you enter
Let the mystery unfold
Lest the door stay shut


Jennifer J.-  Lock me in a room
with a bottle of red wine
Won’t try to escape.


Skyler S.– Solve the riddle fast
Get out before it’s too late
The time will go quick


Maddy L.– Writing haikus sucks,
And so would Valentines Day,
Without Entrap Games


Narish U.– I like pizza.
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